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WELCOME Parents/Guardians, and Students to PLATO ACADEMY of Clearwater!

At Plato Academy of Clearwater we all believe that one unified heart beat can conquer any challenge. As shared with many in our Plato Academy of Clearwater Family, our vision for our school in collaboration with administrators, staff, school board and parents, is to contribute and build upon quality academic programs for our children and a prosperous future for our school community. Plato Academy of Clearwater is built around a culture which instills the values of teamwork, family, and lasting friendships. Our school is a valuable source of inspiration where our students are provided with opportunities to learn to simplify complexities, overcome obstacles, accomplish goals, and begin to dream the improbable dream and overcome insurmountable odds as they are encouraged to pursue their creative aspirations.

When we, as educators, return to contemplation and reflection of what our students have and continue to accomplish at Plato Academy of Clearwater, we realize that what we provide our students is something far more valuable and immeasurable. Our innovative and progressive programs offered allow our students to construct their own wealth of knowledge. In this, students learn that their own education is their responsibility and with that responsibility comes, accountability. Indeed, the underlying strength of Plato Academy of Clearwater is the nurturing and challenging environment that allows our students to confidently embark on a journey towards self-discovery.

Plato Academy of Clearwater will continue to work tirelessly developing partnership with parents; we will challenge our students to pursue their personal quests for excellence by engaging them in a rigorous academic program in an environment that positively educates the mind, touches the heart, exercises the body, and inspires the human spirit. At Plato Academy of Clearwater, we believe that every child has an inherent curiosity and a commitment to learning; and that each child has a unique intelligence, level of capability, and learning style. With this in mind, our students will be assisted in reaching their highest levels of capability with an education that fosters a life-long love of learning.

Dawn Parker
Plato Academy of Clearwater